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  • How to Raise Your Parents

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    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Picture Books

    Stine Jensen and Fran Meester both philosophers are dealing woth the them of „parents“ differnt kind of parents. This is a book for children, written in a funny and philosophical way- How children can raise their parents.The authors wrote about the different kinds of parents- Paretns who ware always working and are „overworked“-... Read More

  • Certificate of Honor for Food

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    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Picture Books

    An imaginative picture book of the year, a foodie roast - reacquaint yourself with food with your picky baby, open your imagination and enter the food world!This book is informative, functional, thoughtful, interesting and artistic-●Informative: The "serious" award speech will help you master the vocabulary and underst... Read More

  • Henry the Snail

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    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Picture Books

    English for China, English rights sold. Read More

  • All that Spins & Rolls with or without Wheels

    Star Ratings:Page Views:3

    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Science, Nature & How it Works

    “And yet it moves!” said Galileo Galilei, stunning everyone! Earth spins, even though it has no wheels. And it’s not the only thing in the world that does so—there are many more… perhaps more than you can think of at the moment. So delve into this book!Just about anyone knows that scooter or motorcycle wheels spin. Stars and pla... Read More

  • The meaning of life is a life with meaning

    Star Ratings:Page Views:4

    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Emotions

    Copyright Sold: Simplified Chinese! Read More

  • The Revolt of Madwomen

    Star Ratings:Page Views:5

    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Comics & Graphic Novels

    ★Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian and Simplified Chinese rights sold.★A work on female with over 4 million views on Korean network.★It sold over 30,000 copies within 8 months after publication and became the hottest seller in graphic literature.★It was "recommended by MD" of Kyobo Bookstore, the largest ... Read More

  • Haljjak Psyhology

    Star Ratings:Page Views:3

    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Popular Science Emotions

    ★B level psychology webtoon for understanding modern psychology’s trend! Read More

  • Technology Ethics

    Star Ratings:Page Views:6

    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Experiments, Reference & Workbooks Popular Science

    ★This book has been selected by the Financial Times as their "Best Summer Books of 2022: Technology"!★This book has been compiled into the "Perspectives" series edited by Diana Coyle, a well-known economist, former adviser to the British Ministry of Finance, professor of economics at the University of Manches... Read More

  • The second child is different

    Star Ratings:Page Views:4

    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Education Theory

    ★Rights sold: Vietnam★Brothers and sisters, how to nurture talent and individuality and raise them without conflict. How to care for two kids who are making no rivals as best friends. Read More

  • Neuroeducation as a basis for the art of teaching

    Star Ratings:Page Views:7

    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Schools & Teaching

    This book completes a trilogy on teacher training in neuroeducation from three complementary perspectives:•Neuroeducation by and for teachers. An introduction to our understanding of the brain to help understand what can be taught and learned and how, taking into account the neuropsychology of the developing brain.•Neuroeducatio... Read More

  • All about Animals

    Star Ratings:Page Views:6

    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Science, Nature & How it Works

    Let’s take a closer look at the wonders of wildlife! From hunting tactics to habitats, explore the extraordinary lives of creatures great and small with this vibrant book about the animal kingdom.Follow the life cycle of a frog, discover why bats squeak, and learn how to encourage animals to visit your own backyard with fun acti... Read More

  • The Space between Mother and Daughter

    Star Ratings:Page Views:6

    Releasing Date:2022-06Categories:Mental Health

    ★Rights Sold: Complex Chinese、Vietnamese★A psychology class for the growth and independence of women by a relationship expert who says, “True self-love begins with knowing one’s mother.” Read More

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