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Insects. The Crazy Life of Hexapods and Other Strange Creatures

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  • Publication date:October,2020
  • Pages:200
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★ "Game of Thrones" insect version!
★Do you know? The world of insects is also full of life stories of tragedy, theft, deception, and hard labor. This is not only a popular science book, but also a novel about the world of insects!
★Lieven Scheire l is very fascinated by insects. Peter Berx is an expert in entomology. They combined passion and professionalism to write this interesting and fascinating book about insects, full of amazing time!
★The book contains a wealth of pictures, fascinating text, and interesting hands-on projects. Step into the world of insects now!
★English translation sample is available.


Welcome to the wonderful universe of insects, one of the most varied groups of animals on Earth. Peter Berx and Lieven Scheire guide you through a world full of unbelievable, amazing and bizarre stories about hexapods and other creepy crawlies.
Lieven Scheire is crazy about insects, and Peter Berx is an expert on them (or an entomologist, as it is called). Their passion and knowledge combined have led to a fun and fascinating book about insects, full of ‘wow’, ‘aha’ and ‘what?!’ moments.
Go on safari in your own garden, and find a whole new habitat with a wealth of species, from the ‘devil’s coach-horse beetle’ to the ‘woolly apple aphid’. Discover storylines of tragedy, theft, deceit, hard labour and sex, like an insect version of Game of Thrones, and meet Earth’s real zombies.
You can also breed your favourite species or build a hotel for your new bug buddies. Lavishly illustrated, captivatingly written, and packed with hands-on projects. Step into the world of insects, from the common ladybird to the ‘snakefly’, and make yourself at home!


Lieven Scheire is a comedian, physicist and science communicator. He develops and hosts TV shows, tours on stage with an English-language scientific comedy set, and hosts events for universities and scientific or technological companies. His mix of science and comedy is unique and much appreciated by audiences. He can explain science or interview scientists, with both a thorough understanding of the topic, and witty light-heartedness. The QI team are fans, having twice invited him to the ‘No Such Thing as a Fish’ podcast with the QI Elves. In 2015 Lieven made his Edinburgh Fringe debut (with all shows sold out), but he is no stranger to performing in the UK at high-calibre gigs such as Wikimania at the Barbican, or the ‘Pint of Science’ tour, which brought him to universities in London, Oxford and Cambridge.
Peter Berx is an entemologist active as a science educator.


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