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The Animal Friends Book

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★ Meet your animal friends from the ZOO.
★ English sample translation available.


You`re probably familiar with the friends` books that children write for each other.
In this book, 75 animals often found in zoos - ranging from an Asian cobra to a Latin American tarantula and from the jungle okapi to the savannah black rhino - introduce themselves to you. Read about their superpowers and secret weaponsabout what they eat (and by whom they get eaten) about their size weight, speed, species - and about all the special things that they think you really ought to know about them.

Did you know, for example, that a tapir can stroll across the bottom of a river using its nose as a snorkel? Or that a Nile crocodile has the most powerful bite of all animals - five times stronger than a lion? Or at an American president carries the blame for the piranha`s bloodthirsty reputation?

The makers of the splendid "North" have again teamed up for this enjoyable book of facts. Marieke ten Berge painted all 75 animals and ]esse Goossens gave them their voice.


is a writetrranslator and publisher of children and young adult books at Lernniscaat.She likes writing non-fiction books for children to share her sense of wonder about the world we live in.

has a passion for naturees­ pecially the nature of the north. And she loves to convert that passion into illustrations in the widest sense of the word. Last year Lemnis­ caat published her stunning non-fiction book North with texts by Jesse Goossensand also the picture book Eggmusthatch in p nership with Mariken Jongman. Last spring she released her own first picture book "Colour".


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