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★Damjana Bakarič, a Slovenian super book writer, her previous book "On Anxiety" has been the champion of the Slovenian book sales list for six consecutive months and licensed to China!
★Damjana Bakarič has been plagued by anxiety. For many years, she has been concentrating on studying people's emotions and inner world, discussing topics of self and interpersonal relationships, and finally overcome mental illness and embrace a healthy life. In her works, people plagued by various mental illnesses are not the objects of indifferent theoretical observation, but ordinary people who are eager to care and change. Reading her works often makes people pay more attention to their inner world and regain the beauty of life.
★In "Off to the Better", the author tells each reader from her own experience how life will become better after changing her thoughts, beliefs, ways of thinking, and behavior patterns. Change cannot be accomplished overnight, and failures often occur, but with persistence and hard work, we will be delighted to see that every day we are getting closer to who we really are.
★ "Relationships" tells 11 brutal and realistic stories about what people do to themselves and their partners in a toxic love relationship. The story contains deceit, lies, hatred, revenge, all rooted in people's unhealed wounds and unmet needs in childhood. After each story, there is a psychologist's commentary on the protagonist and his actions.
★ "Bravehearts" is a book about self-confidence, the author encourages readers to believe in their own short and strong ideas, because the winner is always the warrior who can stand up after falling.

★There are 3 books in this series: "Off to the Better", "Relationships" and "Bravehearts"


11 stories about love relationships, but, funny, there is no love in them. 11 brutal and honest stories what we do to ourselves and to the other in love relationships. Deception, lying, hating, revenge, toxicity in relationships just because we did not heal ourselves and our own wounds and unfulfilled needs from childhood. After every story there is an psychologist’s opinion about the protagonists and their behavior.


Damjana Bakarič

Born in 1975, she graduated in Communications Science in 2001 and has worked for 15 years as a TV and newspaper reporter, as an editor for a magazine and as a consultant for a PR firm. Author stress usually comes from her husband or her attitude towards work, competing, chasing, catching deadlines. Currently, she is passionate about writing and is dedicated to studying people's lives and inner worlds. Now hosts a show called "Mind Night", inviting a lot of interesting guests and members of the public to discuss various topics about self and relationships with them. The author advocates reading, and believes that reading is a very healthy behavior, because it is the book that gives her a chance to be born again. The author hopes that everyone can find themselves and bravely face their true self. At the same time, she also hopes that she can help others get out of their psychological shadows and rediscover the beauty of life.















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