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MY CRAZY STORIES SERIES: The Good for Nothing Frogs

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  • Publication date:May,2020
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What experts and readers are saying about books in the series:

“For anyone who has read one of Daniel’s stories, this set of kids books is the gold at the end of the treasure hunt! … Strongly recommended” – Grady Harp / Amazon Top Reviewer for Children’s Books

“The illustrations in this book are adorable and the message is spot on.” – Barbara Mojica / Amazon Top Reviewer for Children’s Books

"The tale flows with the finesse of a fairy tale... Still, it's the writing which really makes this book shine." - The Bookworm for Kids Review

"This whole series would make a wonderful gift for kids who love humor, which I am assuming every child likes." - Kiddingly Kids Blog

"Some books written for children try too hard. A good book doesn't have to — and this is a good book. The characters are adorable. I will be reading this book to my grandchildren, and myself, over and over." - Chris Fow Cohen

"The author writes with an easy, breezy style that would be immediately relatable for any child of the age range this book is meant for." - Amazon Customer

"This book already has a special place in my family's heart." - Amazon Customer

"This is the 4th book of this series that we get for my daughter. She loves them! The characters are imaginative, stories enrich her vocabulary and teach her life lessons. Highly recommend!" - Rounzi

"The kids loved the absurdity of the story and I loved how they absorbed the book’s lesson, without even knowing a lesson was being taught." - JMB


★MY CRAZY STORIES series has very positive feedback from parents and educators and is frequently featured in Story Monsters Ink Magazine, the renowned Children's books literary resource for parents, teachers and school librarians across the USA!
★The book 'How I Made a Friend' was recently awarded the 2020 Purple Dragonfly Award for best picture book while 'Maya Knows a Secret' has the Anna Lindh Award for Illustration.
★‘I Won't Cut My Hair!’ is ranking best sellers No1 on Amazon!
★ The books are frequently in the All-Star Top 100 most read children's books on Amazon with 'I Won't Cut My Hair' and 'How I Made A Friend' reaching the Top 5 in April 2020.
★The latest book in the series 'The Good for Nothing Frogs' is getting amazing reviews from bloggers specialized in kid literature like this one here(
★All the books in this series have a +4 rating on Goodreads and 5 stars on Reader's Favorite.
★What makes My Crazy Stories series quite special is that it focuses on kids’ character building by encouraging young readers to develop self-confidence and emotional intelligence as they grow up.

7 titles in this series:
I Won't Cut My Hair!—about self-confidence
Maya Knows a Secret—about keeping secret
I'm Selling My Dad's Shoes!—about kindness
No More Bonbons, No More Jelly!—about living healthy
This Cat Is Mine!—about sharing
How I Made a Friend—about friendship
The Good for Nothing Frogs—about environment


The frogs made the terrible mistake of disturbing King Grouchel’s precious sleep. Along with Krockel, his crocodile chef, the two are up for the unthinkable… A forest free of those pesky creatures!

What will children learn from this book? Raising the children’s sensitivity towards nature and wild life has never been more important. This kids book inspires awareness and respect for all creatures that contribute to the balance of our wonderful natural environment. No matter how small, they are all good for something!


Daniel Georges
Daniel Georges discovered his flair for storytelling and Illustration at a young age while reading a lot of comics. Though he eventually studied architecture between Beirut and London and formed a successful multi-disciplinary architecture and visual design firm, his excitement to write and sketch characters never changed. After a long soul-searching trip in East Asia visiting many cultures, he decided to reconnect with his true inner passion at the drawing table and deliver back to the world a little bit of the wisdom and emotional awareness he encountered on the road.
Today as an author, Daniel creates picture books that resonate with his understanding of the complexity of growing up. His quirky MY CRAZY STORIES series encourages young readers to develop self-confidence and emotional intelligence to better deal with the world surrounding them. Each book in the series is unique with its educational theme and illustration style making the collection always fun to read with a strong humor-packed message delivered creatively to kids without being preachy. Daniel's books won the attention and endorsement of juvenile literature supporting organizations among which the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation and the Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation Dubai. He recently won the 2020 Purple Dragonfly Award for best picture book given by Story Monsters Ink Magazine, the renowned Children's books literary resource for teachers and school librarians across the USA. With great feedback from kids, parents and educators, MY CRAZY STORIES books are frequently featured in the All-Star Top 100 most read children's books on Amazon with a +4 rating on Goodreads and 5 stars on Reader's Favorite USA.


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