The War of Go, the Game of God Series : Qian Hu Resurrection

  • Go learning comic
  • Categories:Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Language:Korean(Translation Services Available)
  • Publication date:September,2019
  • Pages:200
  • Retail Price:12000.00 
  • Size:188mm×257mm
  • Page Views:12
  • Words:(Unknown)
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  • Text Color:Full color
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★Chinese Simplified Copyright and Chinese Traditional Copyright Sold!
★It is a learning comic book that children learn Go, recommended by Korea Baduk Association!
★It is a series that the Korean mainstream media recommended!
★This series is Go learning comic that you shouldn’t miss. From Go knowledge to moral education, at the same time, to cultivate children’s thinking, logic and concentration ability!
★In order to choose a new god to govern the world for 1000 years, and carry out a fierce Go war…This series integrates the knowledge of Go into comic stories. Children will acquire knowledge of Go by reading stories with relish.

This series includes 10 books: The Debut of Master Zhen, Qian Hu Resurrection, The Dog King Regrets, The World of God, Seal of Magic, Death and Resurrection, The Prologue of The Game, The Qualification of God, Crisis in the Underground World, New World


A square checkerboard and round black and white chess pieces are used in the game of Go, which has a history of more than 4,000 years. People can obtain endless things in the game of Go. For example, when one thinks about the position of a chess piece, he needs “thinking ability”. When one decodes opponent’s strategies, he needs “logic ability”. In addition, when one analyzes and grasps the chess situation, he also needs the power of “concentration” and “creativity”.

The series of “The War of Go, The Game of God” is a set of educational comic that let children learn Go easily and interestingly. It is authorized and recommended by Korea Baduk Association. The book tells a story of gods and agents in order to campaign for the position of world governor and launch a fierce war of Go.

Each chapter of the book is attached with a chapter on “Go Classroom”, which was written by Kang Na Eon, a senior researcher of Korea Baduk Association. Children can learn knowledge from this series, from etiquette of Go to practical technology and so on.

This is a set of comic books not to be missed for children who intend to develop an interest in Go, or who are at the basic level of Go.


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