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“Little Things • Silent Board Book” Series: What’s in the belly?

  • Board Book
  • Categories:Early Learning Growing Up & Facts of Life
  • Language:Spanish(Translation Services Available)
  • Publication date:June,2018
  • Pages:20
  • Retail Price:(Unknown)
  • Size:160mm×160mm
  • Page Views:34
  • Words:(Unknown)
  • Star Ratings:
  • Text Color:Full color
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★The series has been sold in the United States, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, Denmark and Turkey!
★A classic reprint of the bestselling book by Rocio, a famous Spanish children’s book author whose works are welcomed by children in more than 20 countries!
★This series, telling about parents’ daily routine, with no-word stories presented by beautiful watercolor illustrations, is an ideal book for parents to share with their kids.
★“In these books of mine, I try to have a one to one conversation with children.” —Rocio Bonilla

This series includes two books: Let’s go to sleep!, What’s in the belly?


An exquisite board book, especially designed to very younger children from 0 to 3 years, filled with humorous illustrations, tells about a brother’s curiosity and his waiting for the little baby coming out of his mother’s tummy.


Patricia Martín is an author and has worked as a literary agent and chief editor. She had won 2012 Badalona Juvenile Literature Award for A Zombie.

Rocio Bonilla
Rocio holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and a degree in Pedagogy from CAP. She studied illustration studies with Inacie Blanche and Roger Olmos. As a writer and illustrator, she has published more than forty outstanding works and her work has been translated and published in more than twenty countries, including France, Germany, Italy, China, the United States and Korea. Awards received.
● What Color is a Kiss? Won the Best Book Award 2015 from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture and the 2018 Prix du Livre Vivant
● Ghosts don't Knock on the Door won the Serra d'Or Review Award 2017
● Max and the Superheroes won the Kirico Children's Literature Book Award 2017, Premio de la Generalitat Valenciana al libro infantil mejor editado 2016
● This is not a jungle was shortlisted for the Little Hakka Award, and was included in the list of recommended books by the Fundación Cuatro Gatosin 2018
● The Highest Mountain of Books in the World was shortlisted for the LibràNous Award and shortlisted for the Young Readers Golden Medal de California
●Siblings! won the Premio de la Generalitat Valenciana al libro infantil mejor ilustrado 2018


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