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  • Astronomy
  • Categories:Astronomy & Space Science Physics
  • Language:Italian(Translation Services Available)
  • Publication date:February,2016
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  • Pages:340
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★Rights sold in simplified Chinese and Spanish!
★The book won Galieo Prize of the year 2017!
★The author Guido Tonelli received lots of recognition, namely the Fundamental Physics Prize, the Enrico Fermi prize and the medal of honor of the President of the Italian Republic!
★The big rush to the God Particle and the new Physics that will change the world.
★The discovery of the Higgs boson as told by one of its protagonists. An accomplishment that will revolutionize the idea that we have of ourselves and of the world around us.
★“Everything is precarious. The human condition is as fragile as the gigantic structures of the universe, even those that seem immortal.”


At that precise moment, a hundredth of a billionth of a second after the Big Bang, our destiny was decided.
In a universe where matter and antimatter were equivalent, and that therefore could have gone back any moment to being pure energy, a slight preference of the Higgs boson for matter instead of antimatter can have been enough for the world as we know it to be produced. “Here is the flaw, the subtle imperfection that gave birth to everything. An anomaly that gives rise to a universe that can evolve for billions of years.”
If everything comes from there, we need to understand in each detail that crucial moment, rebuild it frame by frame, in slow motion and from different angles. For this reason, at CERN in Geneva, LHC was created: the most powerful particle collider in the world, the place most similar to the first moment of life of the universe that man has been able to build. For this, for years, the world’s best physicists have been working day and night, at the four corners of the planet. This is how the “God particle” was captured. And this is why the studies continue, to better understand how all this was born and how our story will end: if in the cold and in the dark, or in a cosmic catastrophe that would give us the privilege of a much more spectacular exit.
Guido Tonelli is one of the protagonists of this great adventure, one of the leaders of this army of visionaries. Here, with the attitude of an explorer, he tells what it means to push beyond the extreme limit of knowledge, what it means to make the discovery of the century on the day of one’s birthday, what it means to understand how it all began and will probably end.


GUIDO TONELLI is professor of Physics at the University of Pisa and is one of the protagonists of the Higgs boson discovery at CERN in Geneva. He has received lots of recognition, namely the Fundamental Physics Prize, the Enrico Fermi prize and the medal of honor of the President of the Italian Republic.

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