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Wildlings - In the woods

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Beoome a Wildling and have adventures in the woods.


Kim Merel and Maartje Kouwen came up with the Wildlings. A Wildling is a child of any age who loves to spend time out­ doorsand wherever he or she goes is eager to look aroundto discover thingsto play and learn and to wonder at the world. In the woods is the first book in e series that every Wildling can take along to the woodsno matter what season. It teaches you to recognise birdsplants and animals and offers more than 160 things to dorevealing more about the woods as you go along. From making catapults to finding your way using the sunand from looking for seeds to racing with snailsfeeling earthworms and imitating trees. It's a book to take along eve weekend and holiday - no more dull daysguaranteed!
And now, off you go!


is a biologist who spent years working as a joumalist and editor-in-chief for the biology journal [Bionieuws]. As a scientfic jour­nalist she writes for various magazines and also writes books and makes podcasts about science. She also gave (children's) lectures and work-shops for primary education and produced an educational newsletter. As a programme maker at Utrecht University she designs and organises programmes aimed at helping children discover science.

is a biologist. She has been writing and illustrating for magazines including [Roots Maga­zine], [Buitenleven Magazine] and [National Geographic Junior] for many years. She is eager to help every-one of all ages to experience the magic of nature.


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