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Falling Off The Ladder: Revamp your mindset and thrive in self-employment

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  • Publication date:October,2021
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"The judges found your book very insightful, you take the reader on a fully-interactive journey into switching from being an employee into the world of running business. The judges liked the immersive experience the reader gets, with constant exercises and questions at every stage coupled with the personal experiences of the author. It is a challenging process to work through and the judges felt you did this admirably."

Judges of the Business Book Awards 2022 who awarded it HIGHLY COMMENDED in the Wellness & Wellbeing category

"Equal parts memoir and manual, this book will help you unravel ingrained ideas about the world of work, so you can redefine your life and career on your terms - and get your freelance business off to a fearless start." Louise Shanahan, The Copy Prescription

"I wanted a survival handbook with the insight you get from a mentor rather than a typical 'how to start a business' workshop and this book is it!" Karen Smith, freelancer

"Falling Off The Ladder reassured me I wasn't alone in wanting something different from the traditional career path. It helped me examine my motivations for going freelance and refocus on the purpose of my work." Kate Stacey, freelancer

"'Falling Off The Ladder' is Helen through and through - approachable, supportive, and a joy to encounter." Fi Phillips Copywriter


The career ladder isn't for everyone.

Falling Off The Ladder is a mindset manual for those who don't fit the one-size-fits-all workplace culture, who have been pushed out or treated like they are broken, and now want to succeed in self-employment.

In this book, Helen Hill owner of UnlikelyGenius(TM) Ltd, shares the story of her squiggly career and leap from meltdown inducing employment to thriving in running her own business. She shares tried and tested advice, short activities to help you master the self-employment mindset, and guides you in how to move on from the beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back to create a work-life that works for you.

Falling off the Ladder will challenge you to build your confidence, embrace the freedom and joy in finally being allowed to be yourself and be the ruler of your own empire, with no hustling, 'preneuring or 5 am gym starts in sight. Though there will be bunnies.


Helen Hill
is a multi-hyphened business owner: author, freelance business coach, designer, writer, podcaster and imperfect environmentalist. After a very squiggly career and 10 years of treating her business as a side hobby, she launched herself into full-time self-employment in 2018 and has never looked back. She owns UnlikelyGenius(TM) Ltd and Falling Off The Ladder, and is a co-founder of the environmental initiative Be The Future. Helen built a thriving business in less than two years, saving her sanity and health in the process. Her book Falling Off The Ladder tells the story of that leap, how she did it and provides you with the tools to do it too. Helen has also been shortlisted for multiple freelance and business awards, featured on the 2021 'Top 40 Digital Women to Watch' list and is an award winner for her contributions to industry journal 'Communicator'. In an exciting development, Falling Off The Ladder received both a HIGHLY COMMENDED award in the Wellness & Wellbeing Category at the Business Book Awards 2022 and a BRONZE MEDAL in Job-Hunting & Career Guide category at the Global Book Awards 2022.

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