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Dear Epicurus. Letters on the great themes of life and philosophy

  • Philosophy
  • Categories:Philosophy
  • Language:Italian(Translation Services Available)
  • Publication date:May,2020
  • Pages:304
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  • Size:130mm×195mm
  • Page Views:62
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★Fusaro – philosopher, professor, editorialist, as well as successful essayist and opinion maker – discusses major existential questions, showing how philosophy is still essential to our present times.
★English sample available.


A deliberately «accessible» book, speaking to all those how reflect on life, human emotions and society.

By tackling 80 topics – friendship, love, death, happiness, the gift, the community, time, work, human connection, will… - Fusaro shows how philosophy can deal with all existential questions and any field in public life.

And he does so in an unusual way, by writing imaginary letters to Epicurus, analyzing side by side ancient and contemporary philosophy. The writing is concise, straightforward, effective, and never ostentatious. The language of a young author who enthusiastically took on the challenge of explaining sometimes complex concepts to the general public.


Diego Fusaro
Born in Turin in 1983, studied in Turin and Milan. He lectures in Philosophy at the Istituto Alti Studi Strategici e Politici [Institute for Advanced studies in strategy and politics] in Milan. He is a pupil of Costanzo Preve and Gianni Vattimo in Turin and a scholar of history, with a special focus on Fichte, Hegel, Marx and the German “history of concepts”. He is a frequent lecturer at universities around the world (Bielefeld, Singapore, Harvard). His best-known works include Welcome back Marx (2009), The future is ours. Philosophy of action (2014), The passion of being in the world (2015), Glebalization (2019).

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