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  • Language:Italian(Translation Services Available)
  • Publication date:October,2022
  • Pages:239
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  • Size:150mm×210mm
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★No.1 in physics catalogue, No.14 in books catalogue on Amazon Bestselling List!
★The book that was missing to explain physics in a simple way.
★An illustrated book, simple and suitable for those who, out of curiosity or interest, want to discover the wonders of physics, from mechanics to dynamics, from relativity to quantum physics, through explanations and anecdotes.


What does a bullet have in common with a roller coaster? Why does toast always fall buttered side down? How is it possible that birds resting on high-voltage cables do not get electrocuted?

It is surprising to discover how physics explains every phenomenon around us, whether we are talking about energy, forces or electromagnetism. The fascination of this subject is often eclipsed by the fear of not being able to understand it. And this is where Vincenzo Schettini comes in: with him, physics becomes magic. It is his lively, amusing, colourful and effective explanations that make every concept easy to understand, especially because they tell the physics behind the things we see and use every day.

Because when we observe an ant can lift a crumb more than 50 times its own weight, we do not imagine that it is all a matter of forces. When we set the GPS, we do not know that it works so well because it takes the theory of relativity into account. And, when we drive through an automatic gate in our car, we don't notice the quantum mechanics inside the photoelectric cells at the entrance.

In this book Professor Schettini takes us for a walk in real life, and each event becomes the starting point for a new reflection on how the world works. From the theories applied in western films and those on Time (are six hours at the beach really different from six hours spent on a train without air conditioning?), we discover that physics is in all things simple.


Vincenzo Schettini is the teacher we all wished we had in high school: ironic, off-the-wall, capable of engaging and captivating with his explanations. So much so that his lessons, first at school and then on YouTube, have gone viral


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