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Sara Sánchez's Picture books: Have a good hike Mike!

  • Picture Book
  • Categories:Picture Books
  • Language:Spanish(Translation Services Available)
  • Publication date:September,2020
  • Pages:32
  • Retail Price:(Unknown)
  • Size:210mm×280mm
  • Page Views:29
  • Words:(Unknown)
  • Star Ratings:
  • Text Color:Full color
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★Sara Sánchez is the Best Selling Illustrator. Her painting style is fresh and lovely, the story is vivid and interesting. Her children's books have sold around 100,000 copies in Spain!
★Stu has the flu is sold in Korea, US and China! 18,000 copies sold in Spain.
★Lucille cooks a meal is sold in China, and 20,000 copies sold in Spain.
★Ug! is sold in Turkey.
★What a mess Hess! sold 12,000 copies in Spain.
★Have a good hike Mike! sold 7,000 copies in Spain.
★Leave Me Alone, Mosquito! is sold in Portuguese.
★3+, English sample available.

The series include 7 titles:
Stu has the flu
Lucille cooks a meal
What a mess Hess!
Have a good hike Mike!
What’s happening with Catherine?
Leave Me Alone, Mosquito!


Mike the penguin decide to do the Camino de Santiago and all his friends want the best for him, what’s better than to give him “useful” ítems to help with the Way… “And now a huge backpack with a packed lunch. Still, Mike continued his hike with a big smile”.


【Illustrator】Sara Sánchez
Illustrator, designer, and semi-professional singer-in-the-shower. She works out of her studio in Madrid, where she enjoys creating her pieces to the soothing sounds of the radio and her beloved pet, a chubby bunny rabbit who is also her harshest critic.


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