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Klimagourmet:We're eating the planet's future

  • climate issueVegetarianism
  • Categories:Social Sciences
  • Language:Korean(Translation Services Available)
  • Publication date:August,2022
  • Pages:240
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  • Size:125mm×190mm
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★Aladdin, Korea's representative book city, top 7 in "Earth Science" and top 100 in Social Science for 8 consecutive weeks
★The reader score of YES24, a representative bookstore in Korea, is 9.8 points
★Recommended by the editor-in-chief of Kyobo Bunko, the largest bookstore in Korea


Rainstorms, floods, rising sea levels, global warming, forest fires, etc. These disasters caused by climate change have become part of our daily life for some time.
However, the problems associated with the climate crisis do not end there. The serious social conflicts caused by the disaster victims caused by climate change eventually become "threats" to the survival of human beings
In the face of such an urgent crisis, what can we do?
Dr. Lee Eui-chul, an incumbent doctor in South Korea, put forward in the book "Climate Food" that he believes that "climate food" is the most effective countermeasure to overcome the global climate crisis.

Climate Gastronomy (Klimagourmet), a diet that saves everyone in the time of climate crisis.
Nowadays, eating is no longer everyone's private matter. What you eat not only determines the health of the eater, but also determines the future of the planet we live on. Today, when the climate crisis is serious, energy conversion alone is not enough, now is the time to discuss the change of eating habits!


Euicheol Lee
Occupational and environmental medicine specialist, lifestyle medicine specialist. Currently, he is serving as the director of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Sun Hospital. In addition, he is active as the vice president of the Korea Lifestyle Medical Education Institute and lectures on ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ as an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Cha University of Medicine. He co-authored 『Education on the Climate Crisis to Save People』 and 『Bigeoning』, 『Guidance on Lifestyle Medicine for Adolescents』, and 『Why You Get Sick』, translated 『What to Eat』 and various translations related to natural plant foods. took over Recently, he has been working to publicize the fact that a natural plant-based diet is necessary not only for health, but also for coexistence with the climate crisis and animals. Various information and experiences related to the natural plant diet can be found on the ‘Lee Eui-cheol’s natural plant diet ’ web page.

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