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Learn English Tell China's Stories: Traditional Arts & Crafts

  • China's Storie
  • Categories:Chinese Culture
  • Language:English(Translation Services Available)
  • Publication date:March,2019
  • Pages:110
  • Retail Price:236.00 CNY
  • Size:(Unknown)
  • Page Views:236
  • Words:150K
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Due to the universal use of English in the world, this series can be used by readers all over the world who are interested in Chinese culture but not good at Chinese. It can also be used as a set of general reading materials for overseas Chinese to understand the root of their blood.

This is China's first series of stories based on excellent traditional Chinese culture written in English. From the cultural connotation of traditional festivals to the introduction of extensive and profound traditional arts; from the idiom stories with great Chinese wisdom to the folk legends that eulogize the hardworking and brave of the Chinese people; from 53 world-class natural and cultural heritages to the incomparable Chinese food culture; from the process of promoting Chinese history and influencing the progress of world civilization, ancient and modern people From ancient to modern scientific and technological achievements. In addition, it is particularly worth mentioning that China's space industry, China's Tianyan, Jiaolong, China's high-speed railway, "Mozi" and "Chang'e" are the Pillars of a Great Power of today's China. They represent the image, wisdom and spirit of China. This is the China’s stories told in this series. This is the Chinese voice transferred in this series!


Chinese traditional art, with thousands of years of accumulation, is the precious wealth of the Chinese nation and the whole mankind. Chinese traditional art is more and more loved and appreciated by people all over the world because of its strong humanistic flavor, honest artistic connotation and vivid historical traces, and has become the common cultural "feast" of mankind.


Professor Cheng Xiaotang and Zhang zuchun are the chief editors of the series. More than 40 English professors, special and senior teachers, have been organized to compile the series.
Cheng Xiaotang is a core member of the English curriculum standard development group of the Ministry of Education, vice president of the foreign language teaching professional committee of the Chinese Education Association, and professor of the school of foreign languages and literature of Beijing Normal University.
Zhang zuchun, executive director of Foreign Language Teaching Professional Committee of Chinese Education Association, vice president and Secretary of Hubei Education Association, former director and researcher of Hubei Provincial Teaching Research Office. He has visited University of London and Queensland University of technology in Australia.

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