20 Rare and Endagered Species : A Politically Incorrect Cookbook

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★Unusual and daring, a book destined to be controversial and topical!
★At first, the reader will think it's an odd cookbook, but very soon the reader will find it's a humorous and satirical way to question our eating habits and condemn the indiscriminate hunting and killing of wild animals.
★In addition, the book gives readers basic information about 20 endangered animals, which brings us to the importance of protecting endangered species.
★Full English translation is available.


  This is a cookbook for you if you wish to cook great, delicious, and untraditional food and serve something truly extraordinary and special to your guests. Rare and endangered species are hard to come by as there are only a few specimens left in the world, and it is usually forbidden to catch and eat them. If you manage to get a hold of them, however, we guarantee a unique dining experience for your guests.
  If you should fail to get a hold of the endangered species you wish to prepare for your guests, the dishes can be prepared using other animals that are easy to find. These animals are very common, and even though they may not understand why they must die just because they are vast in numbers, they are perfectly legal to obtain and can be purchased in almost every butcher’s store or supermarket or ordered online. You will not have to see how they live or how they are captured, leaving you to enjoy your cooking and serve your meal with a clean conscience.


Finn Lykke Schmidt has written, translated and edited a number of books on psychological, psychiatric and medical topics. He has also taught in the fields of psychology and education – whilst working as a high school teacher and a teacher at the Adult Education Center (VPC) and at VIA University College. His published projects are total 29 so far. He is born in Denmark, Scandinavia.


7 preface
9 Starters
10 Giant Panda
14 West Indian Ocean Coelacanth
18 Galapagos Flamingo
22 European Fire-bellied Toad
26 Colossal Squid
31 Main courses
32 Koala
36 Mountain Gorilla
40 Giraffe
44 Scimitar Oryx
48 Vancouver Island Marmot
52 Pika
56 Eagle
60 Kakapo
64 Baby Mediterranean Monk Seal
68 Sea Turtle
73 Café dis hes
74 Gharial
78 Sumatran Baby Elephant
82 Przewalski Horse
87 Dess erts
88 Siberian Tiger
92 Holy Cow & Rainbow Buttefly


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