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ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE. Story of the theatre

  • theatre
  • Categories:History, Geography & Culture
  • Language:Russian(Translation Services Available)
  • Publication date:January,2020
  • Retail Price:(Unknown)
  • Words:(Unknown)
  • Pages:92
  • Size:217mm×280mm
  • Text Color:Full color
  • Page Views:35
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★Chinese rights sold!
★Complex things are explained easily and cheerfully in this book.This is not an encyclopedia in the conventional sense, but a guide to the world of art.
★This book is not only about the history of theater, but also about what forms it took, which arts it combined, about theatrical traditions and theatrical professions.
★This is the real magic of the theatre! For children's 6 years and up.


The show is about to start. The light goes down and the curtain goes up, silence settles in the full house. This is the silence of unity, when for those who are on stage and those who are sitting in their chairs, there is nothing more important than what is happening at this moment. That is what theatre is for.

This is a real historical journey: from the slopes of Ancient Greece to the European medieval cities, from the bustling Italian squares to the luxurious building of the Comedie Francaise. Complex things are explained easily and cheerfully in this book. This is not an encyclopedia in the conventional sense, but a guide to the world of art.


【Author】 Peter Vorotyntsev, PhD in art history, associate Professor of the Department of theater and film history, faculty of philosophy, RSUH. He says that teaching combines academic pursuits and acting in an amazing way. After all - a lecture is partly a performance.

【Illustrator】Alisa Yufa, graphic artist, member of the Association of artists. In 2015 Alisa won youth award of the Government of Saint Petersburg. Since 2015 she has been a member of the Association of artists. Since 2010 she has participated in various exhibitions in Russia and abroad.


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