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Odd Inventions

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  What do a wearable doghouse and a greenhouse helmet have in common? They are both ODD inventions created by equally ODD inventors. Explore the world of ODD inventions, from the cleaning product that became a hot-selling child’s toy to the many crazy creations that are waiting to become the next big thing!

  ODD is a Classroom Library/Independent Reading series from Clean Slate Press that takes a look at some of the world’s most eccentric personalities and events. ODD features easy-to-read text, within a full colour, high-design, magazine-style format. Each of the eight ODD books contains high-interest, quirky subject matter presented in a visually compelling format, complete with engaging illustrations. ODD is the perfect series to capture the interest of reluctant readers and is also great for junior school extension. ODD includes contents and index pages, so it is perfect for practising key word searches. Each set of 32 ODD books (made up of four copies of each of the eight titles) comes packaged in a bright-and-breezy, easy-to-carry box for handy classroom storage. After enjoying the books, students are able to fold down the box to form a fun board game that doubles as a comprehension exercise.  

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