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My Rich High School Friend: The Way to Riches Found from Conversations with the Super-Rich

Categories:Success; Self-Help   Language:Korean
   Publishing date:2023   Pages:368      Size:135mm × 195mm

★Only a month after publication, the sales volume in Korea has exceeded 35,000 copies! TV series rights have been sold!

★Offers received for Thai language rights

★The author's previous work "Minister Kim Works at His Own Big Enterprise in Seoul" sold 300,000 copies in Korea and was voted by Korean readers as the best book of the year. The library ranks first in the lending list of non-literary books. Two years after the publication of this book, "My Rich High School Friend" hit the blockbuster. Once it was published, it aroused enthusiastic attention from many parties, and was recommended by the mainstream Korean media "Daily Business" and many celebrities.

★The current performance of the three major online bookstores in Korea:
-YE424: "Book of the Day" recommendation! Comprehensive category top30, comprehensive category top20 for 5 consecutive weeks!
-Kyobo Bunko: "Today's Book" Recommended! Comprehensive category top36, self-development category top11
-Aladdin: Top 10 comprehensive category for 3 consecutive weeks! self-development category top9

★ Known as the Korean version of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"!

★It is not only a wonderful novel full of suspense, but also a self-management book that discusses money, life, wealth and happiness! Some readers also said that this is a practical "investment psychology" work.

★English Sample Ready Soon
Young-chul and Kwang-soo are the two main characters in the book, and they both turned 40 this year. Young-chul was better in every section than Kwang-soo. He was sure that he runs successful life- working at a large corporation, living in a wealthy town with his family (but not his house yet). One day, he takes his son to the theme park, and bumps into his high school buddy, Kwang-soo. Kwang-soo had no interests in studying, his family was not rich. However, he finds that Kwang-soo is using a Premium Pass in the theme park without having to stand in a line. Also, he lives in the most expensive apartments in Seoul. What has happened to his friend? Young-chul becomes very curious about Kwangsoo's life in the past 20 years.Read More

Hee-gu Song
Author of the 300,000-copies-sold-bestselling series.

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