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2023 Frankfurt Book Fair Selected Books Recommendation

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The Story of the Universe

Categories:Astronomy & Space Science   Publishing date:2019   Pages:234      Size:198mm × 148mm

★The simplified Chinese rights has been sold.
★A beautiful popular science book about the origin of the universe, telling readers everything about the universe in an accessible way.
★Written by young Danish astrophysicist and independent scientist Tina Ibsen.

★The creation of the universe is closely linked to the human story, and all that exists is the result of a series of cosmic events.
★The English sample is available.
In The Story of the Universe, the young, Danish astrophysicist Tina Ibsen explains your cosmic origin. The creation of the universe is closely linked to the story of mankind: everything that exists is the result of a series of cosmic events.
People are made up of matter that was created shortly after the Big Bang. It was later converted into all the basic elements of life in the cores of stars and in exploded supernovae.
The Story of the Universe is the biggest story of them all. Everything evolved from nothing. Astrophysicist Tina Ibsen takes you with her on a journey to the creation of the universe in the Big Bang, and then into the world of dying stars, dark matter, supernovae explosions and nebulae.
Tina Ibsen is a reliable guide through the greatest theories and cutting-edge research methods, enabling us to understand the most beautiful and complex knowledge at man’s disposal.Read More


A trained astrophysicist and independent scientist from the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen and has been part of the European research project Comesep, where she has especially looked at Solstormes movement through the solar system.
From 2013 to 2019, she was employed at Tycho Brahe Planetarium as head of science and the dissemination department. Tina has always been fascinated by space and thinks it is great that the astronomy can ask the big questions. For many years, she shared her enthusiasm and knowledge about astronomy and space in radio and television. She has won awards for her communication work at the Tycho Brahe Planetarium, where she previously served as a communication manager.

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