Volume 1. A Warm Bedroom
Bench   Supporting the Life and Death of the Villagers
Cage   Dryer for Vegetables and Clothes
Bookcase   There were No Books in Those Years.
Crate  A Good Partner in Secondary School.
Feet Pots   Wash Away The Fatigue and Bitterness
Manure Bucket   The Land is Fertile Because of It.
Charcoal Bucket   Provides Warmth Against the Cold
granary   When the Grain is in the Storehouse, There is No Panic in Your Heart.   
Rice cylinders   Measuring Three Meals a Day for the Family
Rice sieve   It's Like a Gong Made of Green Gabion Wire.
Wooden Stairs  You Can Still Hear the Footsteps on the Stairs.

Volume 2. Smoke and Fire in the Kitchen
Wide-board Bench   A Lifetime with Kitchen Range
Stove Table   Where the Villagers Cut the Vegetables
Bamboo Spoon   Taking a Spoonful of Sweet and Cool Well Water
Firewood   Lighting Up the Countryside in the Morning and Evening
Fire Blower  Stirring Up a Fire  
Wooden Steamer   Steaming Fluffy and Tasty Retort Steamed Rice
Bamboo Colander The Rice in It are as White as Jade.
Cupboards Red Lacquered and Carved with Flowers Like a "Treasure Cabinet".
Receiver   A Special Table
Bowl Basin   The Sound of Dishes Clinking.
Tea Basket   Tea with a Lingering Flavour
Round Plate Taking the Joys of Childhood

Volume 3. Time in the Living Room
Tool Chest of Carpenter Carpenter's Treasure Chest
Old Fashioned Square Table Feat Eight People The Rules of the Table, the Manners of the Four Directions (Idiom); the Rules of the House, the Manners of the People in All Directions
Fruit Box Delicate and Dignified Sacrificial Vessels
Lifting Box Ostentatious and Extravagant Affair
Baby Carriage A Little World for Babies
Grinder Presenting the Inner Beauty of Golden Rice
A Basin Making Aromatic Sweet Potato Wine
Washbasin Holder Enlightenment for the Good Life
Bamboo Pole for Punting Boats Knock a String of Happy Days
Incense Burner A Few Wisps of Curling Smoke.
Frame (photography) It Retains the Youthful Look Long Time Ago.
Coffin Permanent Home
Recessed-Leg Altar Table The Origins of the Family Bloodline

Volume 4. Deep Alley  
Sub-staircase   Higher Landscapes Are More Distinctive
Shoulder Pole   The Responsibility of Life Rests on Your Shoulders  
Bucket   A New Day Begins with the Picking of Water
Bamboo Cage   Rooster Singing and Dog Barking in the Cage
Bucketing  Swimming Pools for Babies
Pestle for Washing   Knocking up a Splash of Water
Driving Rain Bucket   Accumulating Slowly and Dump It All at Once.
Pig's Basin   Porcelain Bowl for Human and Basin for Pigs
Catapult   Dare to Be the Enemy of Everything in the Village
Fire Barrels  Holding a Bowl of Warmth in Childhood  
Desk   Reading and Literacy Start From Here
Chair Made of Bamboo  A Cool Seat in the Summer