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Speaking Skills of High EQ Mothers:
 to convey love without anger and misunderstanding

Categories:Education Theory   Language:Korean
   Publishing date:2022   Pages:242      Size:145mm × 200mm

★After publishing, it became a bestseller soon! Within 20 days, its sales volume broke through over 20000 copies in Korea! Ranked in the bestseller list of Korean online bookstore. Multi countries’ copyrights are discussing actively!
★Ranked Top4 in the best-selling list of family parenting category and Top52 in the best-selling list of books of “Today’s book”, “the editor’s recommendation” in the Kyobo Library which is the Korean largest bookstore !
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★It is a new work by Yoon Ji-young who is the author of the best-seller Primary School Self Esteem Course! She has more than 170000 INS fans and obtains more than a million “like” comments from moms.
★Some words may be blurted out for a moment, but they may stay in children’s hearts for a lifetime. There are 39 high EQ mother speaking skills to convey the mother’s love well, without anger and misunderstanding!

It is a new work by Yoon Ji-young who is the author of the best-seller Primary School Self Esteem Course!
For those mothers who unconsciously say cruel remarks and then regret it very much

The writer, Yoon Ji-young, is not only a primary school teacher, but also a two children’s mother. She based it on experience that she raises her children, and then researches and analyzes what cruel remarks will bring to our children. On the contrary, what are the words of respect that develop children’s self-esteem? Finally, they made up this book. This book includes solutions that are used to correct wrong speaking habits and many kinds of examples. For example, if a mother who can’t express her thoughts very well, she will naturally learn those words that respect her children, improve communication efficiency with them, and convey love without anger or misunderstanding.

According to their parents’ words, children will feel love and learn how to live. Let’s review whether there are any cruel remarks to the beloved children today? Then read this book to learn how to convey your sincerity. This book will offer a lot of help to develop strong and self-respecting children.Read More

Yoon Ji-young
She is not only a mother who fought alone to raise two children with completely different personalities, but also a teacher who has been engaged in primary education for 17 years. During in the school and the process of raising two children, I find that “a good word” can make children grow better than 100 “correct words” from the parents and teachers. I realized that I frequently and unconsciously say negative and sarcastic remarks to children, and then thought what words are kinder and tenderer to express your inner words? I reviewed my speaking habits and improved them. After that, I shared my inspiration on social platforms. Within one month, they attracted more than 100000 readers and raised a lot of resonance and response.

The author serialized educational content on INS, blog and YouTube under the pseudonym of “Sam the tumbler”. She hopes more kind-hearted children can actively communicate with their mothers. She has written Primary School Self Esteem Course, which was chosen as Sejong book in 2020 and The Power of Self-discipline in Primary School, which is a class operation guide prepared by teachers.

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