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Intriguing History:
 Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties of China series

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★8.8 of 10, a highly praised book, scored by over 1,000 people on Douban(China’s goodreads)! After the first volume was released, it has been rapidly sold over 100,000 copies! Readers love the second volume as well! 
★The Chinese popular “ Zhu Letao’s humor in antiquity style”, takes you the time of reading a muckraking weekly—half an hour to know about the history of China’s Wei and Jin dynasties with laughter! 

★Unlocking the ancient Chinese life of 2,000 years ago, refreshes your knowledge and imagination, that the ancient Chinese are so fashionable and so interesting!
★The book comes with a small complimentary gift: exquisite scroll painting or an ornate large poster.

This series include two books: Vol.1, Vol.2.

Wei and Jin Dynasties were the most politically chaotic and miserable era in Chinese history, however, they were also the era of extremely mental freedom and liberty in the history of spirit. In this era, you will see an alternative history of survival and philosophy of life in the ancient.
Here, the well-known cartoonist Zhu Letao tries to use relaxed and interesting cartoons, starting from A New Account of the Tales of the World, having an attractive talk on history, to show readers the era of extremely mental freedom and liberty. Each book follows the example of muckraking weekly that each issue has only one topic and each topic includes several relevant entertaining knowledge.
This book is designed to help readers to easily learn those vivid historical anecdotes of China’s Weijin Dynasties, with the attitude of reading gossip and the mood of joy, and get to know the legendary characters who are dashing, or upright, or tyrannical, or hilarious……with strong personality and glory deeds.

【Author】Zhu Le Tao

Formerly known as Qi Xiao, she is a professional cartoonist. As an award-winning cartoonist, she has won five Golden Dragon Awards, one Chinese Manga Award and one Monkey Award. She was voted one of the "Four Kings in Chinese Manga" and selected by the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun as one of the eight cultural figures of the "Flag-bearers of the time- 100 people who influenced China". Her works were selected for the 11th National Art Exhibition.
Her representative works include the "Marta" series, "Childhood Time Machine" series, “New Anecdotes of Social Talk - Eight Weekly” series, "Baby, Let's Travel Around the World!” series, “Love” series, etc.

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